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We are an Adult and Youth Service that delivers within the Education, Social Care and Criminal Justice Sectors.

Our 3 Priority Pillars

Social Care

We run a bespoke mentoring service for Social Care this service is for young people in need of extra support when in crisis moments, the support doesn’t just stop with them it can also going out to family and close ones.

Criminal Justice​

We deliver youth work services within the secure estate, to date we have delivered several short- and long-term programs, our programs have enabled us to work closely with several internal agencies such as Safer Custody, Probation, YOT services, and Prison Education whilst being responsive to Prison needs to enable a more inclusive regime for those housed within the Estate.


Alternative Provision School– This provision is aimed towards hard-to-reach learners that have dis-engaged from education for significant periods of time, we bespoke off site outreach sessions that is built on trust, positive relationships, confidence building, and informal education. We deliver accredited learning 1-1 programmes which gives the young people mentoring opportunities as well as a safe space, they also get the opportunity to experience informal activities.

Independent School – We run an Ofsted registered provision working with learners that have been permanently excluded from mainstream education for a variety of reasons, they attend our setting full time where we deliver a combination of informal and formal education looking at specific arears around criminality and risky behaviours to meet the needs of why they may have been referred. Within our delivery we also touch on some of the harsh realities attached to PSHE, we explore, and cover topics attached to Crime, Gangs and Youth Violence, sexual exploitation, and a lot more. As a provision we also provide accredited qualifications in Functional skills.

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