About Us

What We're All About

Our ethos at Want2achieve is ‘any young people who are experiencing some difficulties within the current educational system, can find in our Independent School Want2Achieve The Academy or our Alternative Education Provision Want2Achieve CIC, a place where the environment can be supportive in helping them rise to reach their full potential and achieve success. We understand and appreciate that everyone is different and that we all learn and develop in our own preferred learning styles which are specific to the individual and our own personal journeys.’ ‘Every young person has the ability to succeed in life and to be amazing in their own way.’

Meet The Directors

Daniel Rochester

Director/ Youth Service lead

Daniel is an award-winning Youth Work practitioner with over 20 years’ worth of experiences working with young people and adults deemed as hard to reach.

Daniel has and continues to work with some of the highest risk offenders within the UK in a variety of settings including young and adult prison estates.

Daniel as a practitioner has managed youth services locally and nationally and has a proven track record that covers years of experiences that including Gangs nationally, Youth Violence, Violence Reduction and High-Risk Medication to preserve life.

Not only does Daniel have keen developmental business eye which has enabled him to set up and direct Alternative Education Provisions and football Academy projects, he is always exploring the next business opportunity for the Want2Achieve Portfolio, this is due to his commitment to giving young people and those deemed as hard to reach the opportunity to grow and develop through different life experiences.

Sharon Murphy

Director / Education Lead

Sharon Is a highly skilled, well-educated passionate practitioner who has several qualifications that has enabled her to become a key component that supports young people and adults within the Want2Achieve portfolio.

Sharon has completed a variety of study which includes LLB Law, Post Graduate Diploma in Legal Studies, Post Graduate certificate in Education and Post Graduate certificate in Special Educational.

Not only has Sharon gained a wealth of academic knowledge she also has a wealth of work experiences in several settings, this has enabled Sharon to build priceless practitioner experience which includes 12 years teaching, 10 years in offender learning which includes Education management within the Secure Estate, several years working within the independent and looked after sector whilst also being a quality assurance verifier.

Currently within Want2Achieve Sharon leads by example as a practitioner but also oversees all tenders, bids, and development plans behind the scenes.