Key Stages

Key Stage 3

The curriculum comprises of all planned activities and experiences which Want2Achieve Academy, our Independent School and Alternative Provision, provides to help Students to learn. We aspire to raise Educational Standards through a robust vocational, academic, and holistic approach. All qualifications will be delivered in line with AQA and NCFE specifications to provide attainment at every opportunity.

The Aims Of Our Curriculum Are To:

The aim of our curriculum is a therapeutic one rather than an academic one, although every effort will be made to challenge our pupils to improve academic achievements. Safeguarding is a paramount throughout our curriculum.

Curriculum Structure.

The curriculum is planned in a coherent manner ensuring it meets legal requirements, including those of a broad and balanced curriculum and embraces cross-curricular themes including.

Key Stage 4

Sex Education and British values are embedded across the curriculum with bespoke sessions taking place. The development of students’ personal, social skills and their spiritual and cultural development are addressed specifically through the PHSE and digital literacy programmes which will be embedded as well as bespoke sessions. The importance of developing ICT, literacy and numeracy is recognised by the time allocation on the curriculum and a continuing emphasis on the further development of these skills across the whole curriculum. We will use specialist staff to address the specific dynamics of gang involvement, PREVENT and radicalisation and incorporate these sessions into our timetable.

Our curriculum aspires to provide students of all key stages experience in the following core areas of learning: 

Pupils will benefit from studying topics linked to their social environment along with National Curriculum and Exam Syllabus criteria plus vocational options which are reviewed on a regular basis. All students will be entered for examinations (FS, BTEC and GCSE) as applicable. Students will still be offered programmes of study that link in with national curriculum.

Bridging The Gap

This bespoke programme will be aimed at post-16, year 12 learners and will focus on the world of work. Individualised Maths and English sessions will be in place to enhance and develop pre-existing knowledge to enhance attainment. PSHE and citizenship will also be offered alongside the core delivery. Students will study a range of vocational options and focus on obtaining work experience where appropriate. They will link in with local colleges and charities, where necessary resit GCSE, alternatively Functional Skills qualifications are on offer. Vocational Post 16 courses are available at local colleges and Want2Achieve.

Course content

The aim of this bridging programme is to bridge the gap between Secondary school and post-16 options for learners that are not quite ready for the transition, providing them with more options, skills and confidence that will help the make the best choices to progress.